During my internships, and after that, I have been hired for translation. Most of the time it has been for translate an English text to French but I also have notions in Spanish and it helped me once or twice.

Barpig : the adventure party gameBaRPiG

(10/16/2017) -(10/18/2017)

Card game.

Barpig is a game where the players embody all kind of adventurers gathered in a tavern to do what all adventurers do : drink, loot and gain levels.

I got hired to work on the French translation of the game. It was quite a challenge as, even if the rules are quite easy to get, every character’s  and every object’s name is a pun or reference, sometimes hard to translate from English. On the other hand some references are not that famous for French people and I had to find an equivalent or so.

Anyway, it was really fun to work on this game.

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Developed on Unity 5.

Wuwu & Co. is an awarded game produced by Step In Books. In this game, the player has to discover the story of four characters and help them solve different problems that would endanger them during the coldest winter in 2 000 years.

At first, I was not supposed to work on the game at all as it was already released when I arrived in the company. But as the French version of the game had some flaws, I was hired to remake the translation and improve it.

The biggest challenge on the game was to respect the poetic aspect of the game in the phrasing and to respect the characters’ personnality.

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Pen ‘n Paper Role Playing Game

fcx_couvIn X-Corps : First Contact the player can either embody a mere civil trying to survive an alien invasion or he can decide to play a member of a task force created to directly fight the invader and investigate on the reasons of the invasion.

This translation mission occured while I was doing my internship at Le 7ème Cercle and was writing Hrolf Kraki. As a game design student, used to write rules texts, I have been asked to take a look at the text of this new book to be published.

The book was originally written in Spanish, then translated to English and from that point, translated to French. I had to translate the English text, proofread it for possible mistakes and, if needed, use the Spanish text as a reference.

I made a test translation and ended up with a contract for other translations. To this day, I keep translating texts for Le 7ème Cercle from time to time.

X-Corps : First Contact has been published.

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